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Policy on necro vs new topic?

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Policy on necro vs new topic?

Post Number:#1  Postby Athena » 08 Nov 2012, 04:01

I'v learned that it's bad to necro an old topic (post in a topic that hasn't been posted in in a while), but it's also always better to post in an existing topic rather than creating a new one.

What are your policies, is it ok to post in a topic that hasn't been posted in, in let's say a month, or should I just forget talking about something all together (ie. a specific book etc)?
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Re: Policy on necro vs new topic?

Post Number:#2  Postby Fran » 08 Nov 2012, 18:00

Nothing wrong with resurrecting an old topic, if you have something to add to it, but as you rightly point out it is always good to do a search before starting a new topic .... just to avoid duplication.
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