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Ex-Rich Girl Tells All by Kami Corban

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Ex-Rich Girl Tells All by Kami Corban

Post Number:#1  Postby MrEmDash » 10 Nov 2012, 16:18

[Following is the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Ex-Rich Girl Tells All - My Truth Behind Closed Doors" by Kami Corban.]

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Firstly, before I go into the review, I would just like to express my thanks to the author for writing such a book. Although it seems distanced, the book itself is revealing and incredibly emotion. This is a very mature book, so I recommend that very few people under the age of 18 read this. This book is a memoir about Kami Corban. She grew up in a very privledged family that had whatever they wanted. She was essentially a princess. The memoir then jumps to her at Duke University. She gets a letter about her dog gone missing. In the margins was a note from her mother; "P.S. Your father left home too. He filed for divorce." Her mother says she's going to be too busy suing her father to come to her graduation. So she decides to go to London to join her boyfriend, Tucker.

When she arrives, Tucker is not there. He says he's living with "Jill". Kami is stunned, blown away, and incredibly distressed. She leaves London in a daze and eventually finds herself at Shanklin, a seaside resort. There she starts to learn about what life is really like outside the comfort of her privileged home. She gets fired quickly after many complaints about her from the other employees. When she leaves, she meets some very interesting people like Chitsaka, a Rhodesian immigrant. After leaving for so long, Kami decides to return home after talking to her mother, stepping into the battle between her mother and father.

Kami loves both of them, and it's hard for her to side with a person. Her dad was a successful doctor, and her mother is a successful real estate agent. Financially, they are both relatively stable. However, because of Kami's mindset after Tucker broke up with her, and of other things, her father believes that she is crazy and sends her to therapy. She stays there for years, talking about her suspicions of both her parents being gay, and just things she cannot comprehend. Throughout this entire time, she is being crushed by both parents, her mother who does not seem to love her and constantly complains and pushes her. And her father, who has become financially in trouble, which has made him very cheap and turn against his own daughter. There were many horrors that I was not able to put into here, and has only scratched the surface of what happened throughout the book. I apologize that I was not able to really show what this book is about, but there is a reason for that which I will now explain.

The main problem of this book, for me, was the composition of it. The events go so quick, and skip and jump so fast that it becomes extremely confusing. I often forgot what just happened, or why are we at this part in the book. Because there were so many events that were compressed into a mere 257 pages, they were often short and confusing. It also was confusing the way the author wrote it, as if she were slightly insane. This can be easily debunked by reading the afterword. I'm suspecting the author intended it to be written like it, and I can see how this helps, but it does make for a very confusing book (at times).

Although confusing to read, the book itself is extremely riveting. I could not stop reading because of disbelief and almost horror of reading this book. I was shocked that someone could go through such trials and endure it. It truly is a powerful memoir about forgiveness and overcoming trials and tribulations. It may be on par to the tragedies suffered by Dave Pelzer in his series of child abuse. It truly is horrifying, but riveting at the same time. I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars for the only reason of being confusing and sporadic. Perhaps I am a bit narrow-minded and not as understanding of it as some of you may be, but that's just me. However, I'd highly recommend it as a riveting and amazing memoir.

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