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God Forgives, Daddies Don't by William Pike

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God Forgives, Daddies Don't by William Pike

Post Number:#1 by MrEmDash
» 30 Aug 2012, 21:46

[Following is the official review of "God Forgives, Daddies Don't" by William Pike.]

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Any parent wants to protect their children, even with their lives. Some parents, however, take that to another level. Tommy Guns is an ex-convict and ex-biker gang member who turned to the clean side of the law after his stint in prison. He's the co-owner of The Beach, a hip bar with his best friend Brandon Smith a.k.a KO. He's divorced from his wife (who is a stripper), but loves his only daughter very much. One day, he gets the devastating news that his daughter, Peyton, and her friend were raped. She survives with many injuries and is stuck in a coma, but her friend dies. Suddenly, the good life that Tommy Guns has been living is shattered. He vows to track down and kill the people who did this to his daughter, along with KO.

He finds out that another biker gang called the Chaos Demons were the ones that did it. So he starts a hunt from Las Vegas, all the way down to Arizona to catch them and get revenge for his daughter.

Overall, i thought the book was okay at best. The plot and action were very intense and very exciting, which is why I can even give it an 'okay'. But the punctuation, grammar, and general voice of the book was terrible. It seems like it wasn't even edited and sounded as if a high schooler had written this story. The amount of grammatical, spelling, and punctuational mistakes are so numerous that it would take me hours just to list them all. I also found many tense changes as well as changes from 1st to 3rd person.

The book also seemed too rushed. There is a scene where the police officer investigating the murder/rape remembers how Tommy saved her from being raped in high school. She confesses her love to him and admits that she has loved him ever since. I have no problem with this. The problem I have is with Tommy's reaction. Tommy is single, and has lots of pretty young women come to work at this bar. They get promotions by essentially have sex with him. As Tommy puts it himself, "I still get more ass than you do". Yet it seems right after Justine (the police officer) confesses, he instantly falls in love with her and calls her his "angel" and loves her as well. Not only is there a rush of plot in some areas, but much of the description in this book is very cliche. I found it to be very annoying and hard to read.

I would give this book two stars out of four, only because of the exciting plot and action. If the author had fixed up all the grammatical mistakes and turned the voice into a more professional caliber, I definitely would be considering three or four stars. But because of the amount of mistakes and the incredibly unprofessional voice of the book, it barely scraped by as a two for me. If the author touches up the mistakes and changes the voice of the book, I think this book can become a success.

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