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Murder on Retreat by George Blum

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Murder on Retreat by George Blum

Post Number:#1 by freehat5d
» 23 Aug 2012, 10:20

[Following is the official review of "Murder on Retreat" by George Blum.]

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Murder on Retreat is a murder mystery by George Blum.

The story starts off with a late night meeting on the beach. An executive lawyer, Mr. Hubert Maston is always in control, but something has him feeling uneasy about this meeting.

The meeting takes place in secret during a company retreat, but Maston does not make it out alive and everyone is a suspect. And so the story begins.

We are taken back a few days prior to the retreat, and soon discover that nearly everyone there has a motive to kill Hubert Maston. Finding the motives for everyone fills out the story very fast and adds many layers to it.

There were a couple problems I had with the book, though they are very minor. The first was the characters. While interesting, I felt there were a lot of them to keep up with.The story switched between characters a bit and when a previous character was mentioned I had to think back to earlier and try to remember who they were. The other problem was rather small, I felt at some points there was too much detail given that wasn't needed. For instance, a character might be looking out a window and the scene gets described in much more detail than needed to progress the story.

This book kept me guessing to the very end. Every time I thought I had it figured out, a new revelation would be made that forced me to reevaluate the entire situation. The story really shows the relationships between the "suspects" as they intertwine, as well as their feelings towards the victim. I really thought I had it figured out a few times, but ended up anxiously waiting for each new page to give me another clue to either strengthen or destroy my theories.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book despite the very minor things I disliked. I rate "Murder on Retreat" a very solid 3 out of 4 and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys mystery books.

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Re: Murder on Retreat by George Blum

Post Number:#2 by GeoB345
» 28 Aug 2012, 00:13

Thanks for the review and the great feedback, freehat. Much appreciated.
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Re: Murder on Retreat by George Blum

Post Number:#3 by tonisweetb
» 18 Sep 2012, 06:57

I loved Murder on Retreat by George Blum. It was exciting, fast paced and the characters were complex and interesting.
All the ingredients of a good murder mystery. I am somewhat familiar with the Coronado area, so this added to my enjoyment of the book.
I am anxiously awaiting more from this author.
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