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Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

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Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

Post Number:#1  Postby AnaF » 19 Jul 2013, 17:34

[Following is the official review of "Transgressions: How One Man Survived Big Inner City Corruption" by Roger D. Griffin.]

Ever since he was a child, Roger Griffin saw himself involved with criminal organizations. His first memories are of the train rides he used to take with his mother and a man and how they forbade him to move because of the precious merchandise he had strapped to his body – drugs.

As he grew up he tried to stay away from those activities and dedicate himself to a promising career in the US military. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when he was asked to risk all he had worked for to take part in an undercover mission. Little did he know the FBI that had asked for his cooperation was fraudulent ... From that point on his life changes dramatically and shocking events take place. However the worst happens when his children are victims of a repulsive crime.

In this memoir, Roger D. Griffin shares with us his quest for justice while dealing with the shocking influence of criminals and their ability to breach the law so easily.

One of the things I liked about this book was its synopsis. It promised a lot and it seemed to be a story worth reading. I also liked the incorporation of documents, e-mails and audio transcriptions as the narrative progressed. They were a great addition especially because it was almost as if a case had been handed to me and I had access to this file filled with important information that I could analyze for as long as I wanted and reach my own conclusions.

However I had some issues with the story, especially because of the way it was written. I struggled during the first half of the book; the narrative wasn't always cohesive and some of the details provided by the author seemed pointless (e.g. the cars he bought, what he paid for them and at what time did he acquire them). After the incident with his children it got a little better but there were still moments when the connection between the different events wasn't clear and the relevance of certain people and of some of the statements made wasn't particularly palpable.

After finishing the book I have to admit that the synopsis made this story seem a lot more compelling than it actually was. I was expecting to be a lot more engrossed by it but the lack of focus of the narrative made it somewhat confuse, which ended up distracting me. I also wanted to know more about the children and how they were being taken care of after the incident took place. We get to know a couple of things about that but I wanted more!

Overall I give this book 2 out of 4 stars. I just think it’s unfortunate that the author seems to get a bit lost in details and explanations that really don’t add to the story. Nonetheless I believe that even though I wasn't a big fan of this book that doesn't mean other people won’t be interested in reading this surprising exposé of corruption and its ramifications in a big city. The level of detail of the narrative and the incorporation of several documents and audio transcriptions give the reader the possibility to not only understand Roger Griffin’s point of view but also to draw personal conclusions.

An interesting account from a man who sought justice in a city where crime and corruption seemed to dominate.

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Re: Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

Post Number:#2  Postby Griffinisback » 20 Sep 2013, 13:23

Spoilers: The character portrayed as Mr. Timothy Bakersfield his real name is Barrack Obama. I was prohibited from printing that in this publication, because he is now President of the United States! This reviewer failed see that the content contained on the forensic enhanced audio is considered as material of child pornography. DCFS and the police along with the courts have being covering this up since Jun 10, 2002 (Order of protection 02D 9359 Ill case or pp 162 in the book Transgressions). I keep getting attacked every time I go to court by the Chicago Police that was Apr 2, 2009 or pp 297. It would break anyone's heart if you heard just 38 seconds of what the mother of my child is allow our daughter to do with a male adult on this audio. I never wanted to believe my ex when she claimed this was Obama, but after the Police Bomb Special Unit accused me of writing 32 checks in the amount of $9 Trillion all made out to me from the United States of America and endorsed by President Barrack Obama (pp 320 and 321). I know in my heart my ex really be telling me the truth! So please explain to me what does two paragraph about my cars insurance claims was spent on my wedding and how she spend my nest egg saving on a seven day trip. Have anything to do with the digital recorded rape of a 24 month old baby girl and a circuit court Judge keep the public records silent to protect Barrack Obama or better refereed here as Timothy Bakersfield?
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Re: Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

Post Number:#3  Postby milyjohnson37 » 23 Sep 2013, 16:06

You did an excellent job on your review.
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Re: Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

Post Number:#4  Postby kat6496 » 02 Oct 2013, 17:32

AnaF, I thought that your review was well constructed. You brought valid points that any reader would recognize. A bit awkward that the author commented in the way that he did. I read the conditions of the submissions by authors, and it reads:
you can opt to not have the negative review published publicly and instead you can privately take the constructive criticism
. I found it inappropriate for Mr. Griffin to take your great review as an affront. For that alone, I would probably be dissuaded from reading his book.

Thanks for your hard work Ana!
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Re: Official Review: Transgressions by Roger D. Griffin

Post Number:#5  Postby AnaF » 03 Oct 2013, 09:19

Thanks Kat6496 and Milyjohnson37 :)
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