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Lee Child's "The Enemy'

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Lee Child's "The Enemy'

Post Number:#1  Postby dnashby » 15 Dec 2012, 01:54

Read Lee Child’s ‘The Enemy’ yesterday. Not all of it, I knocked off the first two chapter the day before. While I find Lee Child’s first person and clipped sentences somewhat irritating at times, they guide the story along nicely. The story had four or five suspenseful twists that were to be revealed at or near the end. I had already figured out two before finishing half the story and a third three quarter’s way through. The final suspenseful twist the author didn’t bring into play until the chapter he revealed it. I found myself skimming the parallel story about Reacher’s mother and brother because I wanted to see where the main story was going… to see if I was right. Initially it seemed fodder to me… a way to make a 350 page book become a 450 page book but then I realized the author was trying to explain why Jack Reacher was Jack Reacher. I’m not sure that his readers care why Jack Reacher is Jack Reacher. I don’t. I’m a simpleton reader. Give me a story with grammatical errors with good suspense and I’ll enjoy it.. I want a lot of suspense so I can see if I can figure it out before the suspense is revealed. A little action/violence is good too… Not much of that in Lee Child’s ‘The Enemy’. Over all, I liked the story and I’ll buy/read another of Lee Child’s books.
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