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Official Review: Merminia by Emm Cole

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Official Review: Merminia by Emm Cole

Post Number:#1 by MrEmDash
» 10 Sep 2012, 00:53

[Following is the official review of "Merminia" by Emm Cole.]

Anyone would do anything to protect their young, and anyone would do anything to protect their family. But when fate destines it, there is nothing anyone can do. Merminia is a wonderful story about family, love, betrayal, and fate. It starts with the brutal warlord Merconius searching for a ring; a ring of immense power that will give him power over the entirity of the sea. He has no qualms slaying other mermaids and mermen to find it. He tries and tires, but cannot find it.

In another clan, Selinne is the daughter of the leader Silas. She is wild and free and uncontrollable. She often gets into trouble and is only lightly reprimened for her actions. She is part of the Merminian clan, who's power is to heal with their hands. They show their emotions by releasing different colors of light from their hands. One day, the Litiant clan, led by the warlord Merconius, invades the waters of the Merminians. In the fray, Silinne and her best friend Aramis are captured. Silinne bargains with Merconius to spare Aramis, but she is forced to stay behind and heal all of his injured soldiers.

In her prison, she falls in love with Merconius' son, Gabriel, as does he. When the Merminians come to avenge the kidnapping and take her back, they are able to escape with each other. During this time, they are double crossed by one of their Merminians clan mates, which almost gets them killed. The same clan mate steals the priceless ring and gives it to Merconius' other sun, Ulric. Ulric is absolutely fanatical about ruling the land, sea, and skies, and will stop at nothing to do it. He will go to any lengths to get what he wants, no matter the cost.

Overall, I loved the book and would give it 4 out of 4 stars. The world the author created was outstanding, well thought out, detailed and researched (however you can research mermaids). The plot was a little cliche and predictable, but still a very interesting story. The detail and description in this book were very good. Some places were a bit over punctuated to me, with lots of commas and run on sentences. However, those were few and far between, and generally was very well edited.

I sometimes felt that the action went by much too fast. There are places where the action could be longer, such as the whole second fight scene as well as Sillenne's captivity. I thought it seemed a bit rushed and there are lots of places where more action could take place, resulting in an even better book. I thought that the romance between Silenne and Gabriel was okay, but a little too fast. Again, adding more time and action in it would be better. I liked how he had a fascination about Silenne, but his attraction into love was a bit too speedy for me. However, this book was generally an amazing one and I would recommend it to anyone who likes action and fantasy. Well done!

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Re: Official Review: Merminia by Emm Cole

Post Number:#2 by nowanico2403
» 14 Jan 2014, 23:02

this sounds interesting, i will have to add this to my reading list
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Re: Official Review: Merminia by Emm Cole

Post Number:#3 by Fordette89
» 21 Feb 2014, 01:41

I've been looking for a new mermaid book, this sounds good
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