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Official Review: Chronicles of the Kingdom by DeJuan Davis

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Official Review: Chronicles of the Kingdom by DeJuan Davis

Post Number:#1  Postby Sandra825 » 21 Aug 2012, 14:40

[Following is the official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Chronicles of the Kingdom - Dragon's Claw" by DeJuan Davis.]

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"Chronicles of the Kingdom - Dragon's Claw" by DeJuan Davis is a story about two young heroes who find themselves unexpectedly drawn into a life changing adventure. Aaron, an intellectual eleven year old, and his venturous neighbour Jonathan embark on an exploration across a near by river after seeing something one night that they cannot explain. Once they cross the water, however, they find themselves in a kingdom unlike any they could have ever imagined. Almost immediately, they are separated. Aaron is left to find out the truth about this new realm and discovers that its inhabitants need his help to restore peace and balance to their land.

Being that I enjoy a good fantasy read, this story grabbed my attention. It was fun getting to know the new characters and the story was descriptive enough to get lost in the new settings the author presented. I felt the ending of the story could have been a bit more in depth but it also left me wanting to read the sequel if one is written.

I felt that the author could have added some more history to the main characters, Aaron and Jonathan, so I felt closer to them and more invested in their successes and failures. The other characters could have also been a bit more developed and their descriptions a bit more defined. The plot felt a little bit predictable at times. Despite this, I was still very interested in the book and it kept my attention through out.

I would give this book a rating of a three out of four because it is clear that the author put a lot of thought and work into their story. I found it enjoyable to read. It could still use a little fine-tuning and revisions before I would rate it at a four, but I definitely felt that it was better than just “fair” at two.

I would absolutely recommend this book to any adults who enjoy a quick fantasy read. Since this book contains very little gore and no sexual content, I feel that it is appropriate for a younger reading audience as well. It is a great beginning to a series of stories and I will look forward to seeing more from this author in the future.

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