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Boys of The Great BB Gun War by David J. Agostine

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Boys of The Great BB Gun War by David J. Agostine

Post Number:#1 by HateToWin
» 13 Aug 2012, 22:02

[Following is the official review of Boys of "The Great BB Gun War" by David J. Agostine.]

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Boys of The Great BB Gun War focuses on a young group of boys as they form a club to train for future wars and get other kids to join them, but when they take things to far in a practice battle against another group of kids, adults get involved and try to take revenge on them.

Marcus is one of the main characters, and the story is told from his perspective, he is the stabilizing character of the group, and is often the one trying to defuse any tense situations.

Joel, one of Marcus' best friends, has idolized Adolf Hitler ever since he read Mein Kampf at age ten, and carries a paperback copy of it in his back pocket and often quotes from it. He also collects Nazi memorabilia, such as flags, medals, and insignias.

Brad is the oldest member of the group and often tries to take the role of leader, he driving force behind alot of the stuf they do, and is the one who started the Freedom's Faction club.

I found this story very compelling, and no matter how much I wanted to hate the characters at times for some of the things they said and did, i always found myself rooting for them instead. All of the characters personalities were deep and ever evolving as they grew up throughout the story. There was never a dull moment, I constantly wanted to know what would happen next and I couldn't put the book down.

I feel the book would hold up extremely well without any of the science fiction, and doesn't need it for the most part.

The book has great characters that you get attached to and constantly find yourself rooting for. The story is well written and keeps you wanting more the whole way through, and I found myself constantly wanting to read more of it. I give it 4 stars out of 4, and highly recommend you read it.

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