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Official Review: Perses (Nomad Series Book Three)

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Official Review: Perses (Nomad Series Book Three)

Post Number:#1 by Vickyoreo86
» 17 Mar 2017, 08:03

[Following is the official review of Perses: Nomad Series Book Three by K. A. Finn]

Perses: Nomad Series Book Three by K. A. Finn is a Science Fiction novel following straight on from the ending of the second book, Nemesis. The story follows Bray, a commander of the Hunter Clan with some cyborg qualities, and ex convict Wade Garvan. They had previously been trapped aboard a Foundation Ship heading for Earth, in to the heart of their enemies. Perses follows their attempt to hide and flee Earth without detection. The Council of Earth are corrupted, family ties have been broken and the two men are unsure who they can trust and, beneath it all is a terrible secret only one of them knows. A secret that frightens the Leader of the Council who will stop at nothing to keep it hidden.

Perses is a very well written book with great character development. While the second book in the series was full of action, intense scenes and touches of romance, this book leans more towards humour and camaraderie. Bray and Garvan have some fantastic verbal banter which strengthens their relationship and creates a bond with the reader. This connection between the reader and character also sends you through some emotional twists and turns as you read.

I like that I found myself caring deeply for these two men. I was worried about every situation they found themselves in. I became critical of anyone new entering their lives because of the deep distrust they have for those on Earth, including family. I also like how the author throws in more questions as one piece of the story is wrapped up, leaving us with the realisation that there are far deeper layers to the plot opening the way for the next book.

I would have liked a little more action in the book. While the ending left me biting my nails, I felt there were more opportunities to build relationships or have their impossible plans go a little less smoothly. It would have been nice to have more tension. Some action scenes fell a little flat at times because of this.

I believe that Perses and the entire Nomad series is a great starting place for those who want to try the Sci-Fi genre. It is not overwhelmed by the genre's jargon or complicated contraptions that need many pages to describe or explain. It is an easy reading space opera with humour and some light romance. Perses is a fairly short book but stays in your mind with memorable dialogue and witty moments that had me smiling and shaking my head at their antics. It offers strong male and female characters so all can enjoy it.

Perses is a strong 3 out of 4 star book. It has everything the genre needs; ships, futuristic medical kits and cyborgs. It has a good plot and clear direction. Unfortunately, I would have liked to see the characters struggle far more within the dangerous situation and terrain they faced. Some things happened a little too easily which stopped me from rating this as a 4 star. However, I am also looking forward to reading the next book in the series as I feel that Perses was only setting up for the next storyline.
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Re: Official Review: Perses (Nomad Series Book Three)

Post Number:#2 by kandscreeley
» 20 Mar 2017, 08:24

It sounds like there was a little bit left too be desired in this book. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review!
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Re: Official Review: Perses (Nomad Series Book Three)

Post Number:#3 by Ripley3131
» 21 Mar 2017, 13:16

Nice review. Thanks. Sounds like a good book.
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