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Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#16  Postby migrodsky » 02 Dec 2012, 17:25

I would recommend Kate Emerson's books, they are historical fiction based on the Tudor court of England. They are incredibly hard to put down and totally put you into that time period. I started with the "Secrets of the Tudor Court" series (Pleasure Palace, Between Two Queens and By Royal Decree) but all of her books are excellent!
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#17  Postby NovelIdea » 17 Dec 2012, 13:05

One of my absolute FAVOURITES that can fall into this category is Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson (in fact, anything he wrote would be a great novel for you, considering your criteria. Maybe also check out Mistborn... awesome series). The story is set among feuding kingdoms. The greatest currency is souls, which can be given up willingly. A person who collects many souls breaks certain barriers and gets new abilities, like keen sight, better hearing, the ability to see colours outside the spectrum we can normally see, etc.

There are several creatures who are considered Gods. They are people who have died, but have been brought back as these huge, beautiful super-human creatures. Each of them were chosen (by whom, we don`t know) because of something they did in their lifetime. They are reborn with no memories of their past life.

These are just some random facts about the universe... totally interesting. The plot is riveting and I would highly recommend looking it up. Fantastic read, 10 out of 10.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#18  Postby Quincy » 09 Jan 2013, 13:19

If you haven't already I would suggest reading the Inheritance saga by Christopher Paolini. It's got fantasy, romance, and it's all set in mulitple kingdoms. And it has DRAGONS!
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#19  Postby Kate29 » 09 Jan 2013, 18:38

I am currently reading the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb that someone mentioned. I am in the second book and so far it is very good.

Stephen Lawhead has several series that fit your criteria. The Dragon King Trilogy, Song of Albion, The Pendragon Cycle (a take on King Arthur) and The King Raven Trilogy (a take on Robin Hood). Both the Pendragon Cycle and King Raven Trilogy are very different takes on well known stories, but they are still very good.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#20  Postby Elteyr » 05 Feb 2013, 14:57

As stated above, any of the George R.R. Martin books are fantastic! Also, I've been reading a few book series with my little brother, and I know they're technically in the juvenile category, however, the Rangers Apprentice series, by John Flanagan or the Beyonders by Brandon Mull. They're great!
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#21  Postby brittney-dr » 02 Apr 2013, 03:00

I saw your post title and automatically thought to tell you about Graceling, then I saw you were thinking of it when you posted this :) haha I'm about two thirds through Graceling right now and I have really been enjoying it. At first I was a little bored until it got to where Katsa finally leaves her Uncle's kingdom. I can't wait to read the rest! Another kingdom type book I've been wanting to read is The Gypsy King. I haven't read it yet but it is similar to Graceling from the reviews I've read. It seems like it could be a really good book though. :D
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#22  Postby sarah_long » 08 Apr 2013, 18:03

I absolutely loved Graceling and think you would greatly enjoy The Seven Realms books by Cinda WIlliams Chima. The series is The Demon King, The Exiled Queen, the Gray Wolf Throne and The Crimson Crown. They are set in a queendom rather than kingdom, but it has magic, adventure and romance.

I also recommend the Fire and Thorns trilogy by Rae Carson. The first book is The Girl of Fire and Thorns and the second is The Crown of Embers, the third book is due out this fall. It is another series of adventure, magic and romance. These books contained multiple twists that I had not anticipated which made them that much better! I hope these recommendations help!
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#23  Postby rekha123 » 16 May 2013, 04:36

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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#24  Postby East » 19 Aug 2013, 18:43

I would recommend the Darkangel trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce. Not exactly kingdom per se, but very well written with great world building.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#25  Postby sbanks147 » 09 Sep 2013, 12:12

Throne of Glass is a good one. The Prophecy of Tyalbrook is also a really good series, it starts out in modern day but then they go to a different world where it is more of a kingdom setting.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#26  Postby Starmy » 09 Sep 2013, 16:22

I will be another to suggest LOTR. Fantastic reading.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#27  Postby Misaela » 09 Sep 2013, 17:55

The Silmarillion. It is very complex, but worth it, for me.
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#28  Postby irene0624 » 09 Sep 2013, 18:12

The book series from Game of Thrones, George R.R. Martin
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#29  Postby msdaniellerhudy » 10 Sep 2013, 21:17

The Pendragon Cycle series by Stephen Lawhead is a really good kingdom oriented series!
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Re: Fantasy Books with a Kingdom Setting?

Post Number:#30  Postby Caz1+ » 20 Feb 2014, 00:35

I would try
Peachville high demons
Dark lands
Star fire angels
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