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The Silver Brumby Series

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The Silver Brumby Series

Post Number:#1 by Habeebi
» 28 Mar 2011, 14:05

I was wondering if anyone had read the Silver Brumby series as a kid - or even as an adult!?

I read these books when I was about 13 and mad about horses (I still am). They were based on a herd of brumbys (wild horses in Australia - similar to Mustangs in America. The mane character was called Thowra and his mother Bel Bel! I loved these books and am tempted to buy them again and re-read them as an adult and see if I enjoy them just the same.
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Post Number:#2 by Maud Fitch
» 07 Apr 2011, 08:10

My family devoured these books. They are true Australian classics. Entertaining, realistic, even informative, filled with drama, romance and the great wild countryside. Horses with personality-plus yet never truly humanised.

Elyne Mitchell was a superb writer, I think she wrote about 19 Silver Brumby books and lived in the Snowy Mountains region where her inspiration came from. Her non-fiction works are a real insight into Australian heritage but she will always be remember for her wild horses.

There was a TV cartoon series made in the 1990's which was popular and they did reprint the books so I'm sure you will find plenty of material still around if you decide to re-read them.
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Maud Fitch
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Re: The Silver Brumby Series

Post Number:#3 by Sandyshappy
» 17 Oct 2012, 02:53

I have read them all and own them all am re reading them Now. They are truly one of the best children's/family books written. They have now just re-released a special Silver Brumby Centenary Edition which is only the first 4 books. buying them all these days is not easy some of them are quite expensive, but so worth it...
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Re: The Silver Brumby Series

Post Number:#4 by bunnyhugger
» 14 Mar 2013, 10:38

They were my favourite books when I was a child. They really made me love reading and Elyne Mitchell had a way of really drawing you into the story and visualising it as though you were really there. I collect these books and they are quite difficult to come by and rather expensive, but so worth it. I re-read them from time to time and when I have kids I would like to introduce them to these amazing books.
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Re: The Silver Brumby Series

Post Number:#5 by lindamaree
» 29 Mar 2013, 03:19

I loved these stories when I was younger too. I dont have them anymore unfortunately as I would love to read them again and see how I feel about them now. Last year a beautiful book was published about the stories and alps that Elyne Mitchell described. Its called On the Trail of the Silver Brumby.
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