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'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett

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Post Number:#31  Postby Simworm » 04 Aug 2011, 16:20

I think this one will definetly have to go on my list, sounds interesting!
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Post Number:#32  Postby Geili001 » 05 Aug 2011, 06:26

I enjoyed it a lot.
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Post Number:#33  Postby SocialGirl » 06 Aug 2011, 03:43

I enjoyed The Help - wouldn't place it in my top five favorites though!
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Post Number:#34  Postby Maud Fitch » 13 Aug 2011, 08:40

Just viewed a few books currently on the New York Times Bestseller list and THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett is Number One. It has been on the list for 25 weeks.

Some other books are:
2. COLD VENGEANCE by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
3. NOW YOU SEE HER by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
4. FULL BLACK by Brad Thor
and George R. R. Martin holds the seventh and eighth positions.
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Maud Fitch
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Parts in the movie

Post Number:#35  Postby Steeleholls » 18 Aug 2011, 14:08

I just saw the movie and cannot wait to get the book. I usually read before I watch, but it didn't happen with this one.

I do have a question, and I hope I will understand more when I read, but am going to ask anyway. What was the check thing all about? Why did she get so upset? I hope this doesn't come out as a spoiler, but I couldn't really read what was on it.

Thanks all! :D
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Post Number:#36  Postby Noseinbooks » 23 Aug 2011, 11:42

I happened to pick up this book at a train station before an especially long journey. I am most definitely an impulse buyer but sometimes find that impulse book buys leave me feeling cheated. My own fault I know! But this time I was not disappointed This book was incredibly written with excellently crafted characters that came alive and convinced me to keep reading!

I, like many others here I think, love to read a book before seeing the movie so I can delight in telling others that "it's not as good as the book, you ought to read it!" Nevertheless I am looking forward to it's UK release!

Definitely a must read!
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The Help

Post Number:#37  Postby Broncosfan74 » 30 Aug 2011, 21:24

I just finished reading it a few minutes ago, and I loved it! I agree with the people that have recommended To Kill a Mockingbird, too. That is my favorite book.
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Post Number:#38  Postby A24 » 12 Sep 2011, 07:17

I really liked this book. I loved the way the characters interacted and their dialect made it all come to life. It was a bit disturbing and eye-opening as to what really went on in the early 60's when I was born. I can't wait to see the movie.
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Post Number:#39  Postby Timpane » 12 Sep 2011, 11:41

I considered it was a magnificently in writing demonstration of how things utilized to be, and actually devotes you an eye unfastening feeling of what it would have been like to be on either edge of the barrier in those days.
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Re: Parts in the movie

Post Number:#40  Postby Murphym » 12 Sep 2011, 13:42

Steeleholls wrote:I just saw the movie and cannot wait to get the book.

I didn't even know there was a film, when was that released?
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Re: Parts in the movie

Post Number:#41  Postby A24 » 12 Sep 2011, 14:08

Murphym wrote:
Steeleholls wrote:I just saw the movie and cannot wait to get the book.

I didn't even know there was a film, when was that released?

August 10, and still in theaters.
“The Bible is worth all the other books which have ever been printed.”
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Post Number:#42  Postby Murphym » 12 Sep 2011, 14:16

Ooooo interesting, might go and see it!
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Determined to Not See Movie or Book, but...

Post Number:#43  Postby WSNHB » 17 Sep 2011, 19:12

This was a subject close to heart, and I couldn't foresee reading book or going to movie. Well, I went to movie and now I HAVE to read the book...will continue the discussion from the standpoint of a child who had a mom that started her early worklife as a housekeeper in the North! Later...

-- Sat Oct 15, 2011 12:55 am --

Finally finished the book. Having seen the movie first, I liked the book best. Incredibly hard to think about what the maids went through during those times, having not experienced prejudice in the South. I do know the subtle prejudice in the North - probably more insidious. I wish everyone would realize that no one is better than another, but it seems many feel that need to put someone at the bottom. Probably results from lack of self worth in my estimation. I think the author was right on target with her writing. I loved interpreting the accents!

I wanted my mom to experience the movie, but she waited too long - not in theaters. She worked as a maid when I was little, later went to night school for data processing and was able to transition into a different life! She remains my inspiration to always strive to achieve!
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Re: 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett

Post Number:#44  Postby seadiayrs » 31 Dec 2011, 00:34

Just finished the book today and I'm watching the end of the movie now as I write this. Law, it is hard watching the movie after just finishing the book this afternoon. ... the book captures so much more. The characters and the town have so much heart. However the movie still does a great job at fitting the story into a nicely packaged two hour show. The movie even has plenty of direct quotes but adapts some parts of the book.

As for the book - I couldn't put the book down and I hate when that happens. I feel like an addict. It's always the characters that grow on me and make me love a book. Aibileen has so many good characteristics that I want to be like, while Minny's strong sassy-ness is endearing. I also love Skeeter's down to earth but hopeful personality.

It all makes me think about the basic day to day evils that any person can commit against another and how people always try to justify their way of living. While reading I thought about how hard it is to change any person, especially when you are telling someone that they are wrong. I thought about how hard society is to change and how it took generations to transform attitudes and culture. I think about the effect on our culture now and the state our culture is in now... Which attitudes work best to reveal and change society and influence other people? How do people grow develop and move on from injustices on both sides? the wrong doer and the one's who are wronged (in all places in society and history)?

Whether or not you've seen the movie I recommend reading the book.
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Re: 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett

Post Number:#45  Postby Starcat42 » 02 Jan 2012, 08:36

Today I finished The Help and it was like saying good bye to some dear friends. I liked them so much all the Aibileens, Minnys and Ms. Skeeters. The book was splendid and I hope I haven’t taken on the Mississippi dialect by now.
The idea that some people are lower than others is still alive today. When I hear the people talk about our cleaning women in our office (the cleaning women are all from turkey) I will from now on hear Miss Hilly speaking.
There should be more people like the courageous Miss Skeeter but people like her must be able to stand the fact that they are regarded as outsiders.
The book is a must!!!!!! It draws a colourful picture about the life in the Southern States during the 60’s.
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