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TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#46  Postby Showiebowie » 05 Dec 2012, 05:43

The book, always the book! I saw the first movie and I was so disappointed with it I refused to watch any of the other ones. I hated the actors and the acting. I felt that the people who were picked were wrong for the parts. When you read a book you will never be disappointed because the actors are always perfect and the acting is always spot on.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#47  Postby Cadara » 06 Dec 2012, 18:22

if i HAD to choose its the books ... though i found the endless hours of pointless dialogue frustrating and the main character to be although whinny far too familiar to be comfortable.

i read the books as a teen who could sympathise with the clumsy, awkward character of bella and though i read them all and enjoyed them ... i cant help but feel the books were missing something x

(I think i both kinda love it and hate it at the same time...)
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#48  Postby mcamry93 » 12 Dec 2012, 21:30

I really enjoyed the books, as well as the movies. I thought they did a great job following the book the best they could. I also liked how in the last film they added the fight scene. If they would've ended it the way they ended the book, I think I would have been a little disappointed in the last film. Especially because when I was reading the book I was really hoping for the fight scene to happen.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#49  Postby ahurley » 14 Dec 2012, 23:09

The books. I read the entire Saga, but the 1st book was my favorite. As far as the movies, they were watchable.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#50  Postby Hortonreader » 18 Dec 2012, 20:08

Hello everyone! This is my first post and I am excited to be a part of the process. With that said, I of course find the twilight books better than the movie but that is usually the case. My biggest complaint is the long drawn out process leading up to the enviable fight scenes. Which are always over in a matter of seconds. The author did nail the feelings and relationships of teenagers which does add to the long drawn out scenes discussed above. I look forward to the experience!
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#51  Postby Artistic » 19 Dec 2012, 00:25

I am yet to see an adapted movie that's better than the book it was adapted from. First, authors descriptions of characters paint an image in the mind of the reader. This varies from reader to reader depending on tastes, ethnicity, etc, etc. So when the movie is made, the people who do the casting don't take into account the audience expectations and in most cases they fall short of the target.

For the twilight series, I particularly wasn't impressed with the casting and script itself. Poor delivery of a tolerably good story. I wonder where they get these screenwriters. . .
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#52  Postby takb_mom » 04 Mar 2013, 01:07

One good thing about how they did with the books and movies is they kept each book with its own movie. They added a lot but what book=movie don't they have to add to in order to make it long enough and interesting enough to keep the attention of people who don't read the books. I've seen in other series how they intertwine certain things from other books in the series in the wrong movies in the series and I just think its great that each of the twilight movies stayed with their own books.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#53  Postby rachel5 » 05 Mar 2013, 21:37

Both the movie and book are so so IMO. Bella is what makes the Twilight series dull. Everyone else is fine, it's her my friends and I can't stand. She whines on every page and in every scene. I'm like shut up. Another point: I hate Kristen's voice. It sounds like she's bored with the world every time she speaks. Sorry for ranting like that. The books were great when I first read them, although I'm certainly not planning on re reading them again.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#54  Postby ellybelly7 » 08 Mar 2013, 18:01

I think the book is better than the movie.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#55  Postby JeannyLeRoux » 13 Mar 2013, 12:07

I agree 'ellybelly7' I think the books are much better than the movies.... much more detail, and the character development in the books is really awesome.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#56  Postby lapalmer71 » 19 Mar 2013, 18:38

In my mind..books are always better, and if their really good you feel like you 've seen a movie.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#57  Postby lorenadc_06 » 26 Mar 2013, 13:58

I just love the entire series of books. At first I was reluctant to read them, but my friends kept saying that once I started with them I would be hooked. And God, were they right. I took my kindle everywhere and whenever I had a minute or two, I would start reading them. I just had to know what was going to happen next.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#58  Postby MB3512 » 03 Apr 2013, 00:49

It was because of this movie that I am such an avid reader. When I first say it I thoight it was great, and then I decided to read the book and I was hooked. I haven't stopped reading since. So even though the first 4 movies were not the best (the last one was awesome). This movie will always have a special place in my heart even though the books are way better.
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#59  Postby Caseydiviolette » 14 Apr 2013, 23:13

There is no contest for me. The book has too many thoughts of Bella's that don't get translated into the movie at all. Conversely, it would be annoying if she narrated the entire film. Either way, reading the book saves confusion and brain cells
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Re: TWILIGHT: Book vs. Movie

Post Number:#60  Postby Bananacat » 15 Apr 2013, 14:02

For me it is always the book first. However like the Harry Potter books and the movies I have found that for some scenes I prefer the books version while in others I prefer the movies version. Even with this it is still the books first for me.
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