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Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

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Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

Post Number:#1 by Yukiora 24
» 30 Apr 2014, 17:23

[Following is the official review of "Redtail" by Jerry A Wilkinson.]

Redtail is written to describe to describe the life Allan Douglas. Allan is described as a man with a free spirit, large aspirations and a hard-working attitude. Upon the book’s opening you’re introduced to the many breathtaking people who encompass Allan’s life, such as his son Scott and his daughter Carrie. Just as Scott and Carrie mean the world to Allan they also come to mean the world to the reader. As Allan’s life twists, turns falls and rises through the roller coaster of life. Riding the roller coaster there is never a boring or uninteresting moment, with each turn you are left on the edge of your seat crying or celebrating along with the other characters.

An inspiring story filled with rears, joy, depression and success. Allan in a man I will never forget, Redtail has found its place in both my heart and my bookshelf. This book is a book of adventure, dreams. I shan’t soon forget this book, Retail has etched its way into my heart it inspires me to find what I love in life. This well written tugs at the heart-strings from the good memories to the bad, when it tugs it pulls full force almost leading this reader to cry as a certain someone departures of the world. I could barely manage to put this book down (Not that I really wanted to). The novel leaks inspiration and into the reader down to its last words, delivering a sense of experience. I would very much like to see more of Jerry Wilkinson’s in order to continue following Allen’s path and travels with his little buddy Trigger.

I commend Wilkinson on his beautifully written work. There is nothing that I love more than a well written book and this here is a stunningly illustrated book with vivid wording and life changing occurrences.

From the high life of the rich to the life dreamed of. Redtail is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. Well written and well-spoken Redtail is an excellent read. I finished the book with a heavy heart. I just didn't want it to end, although it ended, I was left with both a want and a desire to read more. 4 out of 4.

I give Redtail a 4 out of 4 for its well written story, interesting story line along with its lovable and unforgettable cast of characters Any and all who take part in the passing and reading of Redtail will love and cherish the glorious work of art written by Jerry A.Wilkinson. The hand drawn art contained in the book has added a life-like air to the already realistic and enchanting story.

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Yukiora 24's Latest Review: "Redtail" by Jerry a wilkinson
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Re: Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

Post Number:#2 by peppercanyon
» 21 Jun 2014, 14:47

If you think Redtail is great order The Man in the Corner by Jerry A. Wilkinson from Amazon Books, bet there is a fight for who gets to read it!!!!!!!!!!!

-- 21 Jun 2014, 15:49 --

I am trying to get Redtail printed on Create Space, no easy task. I have lots of books in hard copy and they used to simply scan. apparently not enough money. too simple, so they no longer scan and want to start from scratch. bumber, kind of greedy but I will get it done.
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Re: Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

Post Number:#3 by angeel
» 22 Jun 2014, 00:30

it was a great review and sounds like a great book to review
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Re: Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

Post Number:#4 by Stasia
» 25 Jun 2014, 11:26

Thanks. I'm gong to check this one out!
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Re: Official Review: Redtail by Jerry A Wilkinson

Post Number:#5 by H0LD0Nthere
» 07 Jul 2014, 16:55

Wow, I can tell you REALLY loved this book! Thank you for the review.
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