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Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#91 by Andrianna
» 19 Sep 2012, 05:34

I've read and reread and love both Harry Potter and Twilight. They are two different kinds of stories and they cannot be compared. They are special in their own way. I completely agree with a post I read a little further up: one is about the importance of friendship and the other about the power of love. I couldn't have said it better myself!
To my mind, both books are excellent.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#92 by dannii_giirl08
» 19 Sep 2012, 11:44

Personally, I think the whole debate between the two started as a generation thing. You can like both books, you DON'T have to choose just because you grew up with one and not the other. They're two very different books and plot lines. They're both good in their own way too. Personally, I like Harry Potter better but I enjoyed reading both of them equally.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#93 by Clairecrumpton1
» 22 Sep 2012, 14:48

Harry potter is definitely the one that you will not put down
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#94 by MandyMe
» 24 Sep 2012, 17:08

I agree with the majority of the responses in that Twilight had it's good points, but the Harry Potter series was a complete page turner. Twilight was an involving series with a broad cast of characters but the character development and involvement could have been stronger. The series did improve with each book (the movies as well) and I was happy with the end of the series but did not feel the need to go to midnight releases. With the Harry Potter series, I was in line at midnight each time to get my impatient hands on a copy of the newly released book then would stay up until I completed each book. To me, this speaks volumes about the books' qualities since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had 784 pages. I finally got to bed at about 8 am that day...

Essentially my take on the matter is the Twilight series was pretty good but the Harry Potter books were extraordinary.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#95 by hapel_17
» 02 Oct 2012, 18:39

I personally think Harry Potter overall is a better book than Twilight (not putting down Twilight in any way, love that series also) BUT ! Harry Potter I feel is way more intriguing, J.K. Rowling kept you guessing right to the end. Whereas in Twilight, sure, Edward left Bella which confused everyone but I think it was all to obvious that he would come back and they would end up together, which is exactly what happened. In every Harry Potter book the new monsters Harry would face and the new twists and turns Voldemort throws at him also keeps you going. Also, I think that twilight is geared mainly towards teenage girls, I personally haven't heard of any male loving the book, and with Harry Potter everyone can read the book and fall in love!

Overall I do think this is fully opinionated and there is no win in this situation :P
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#96 by churinga
» 03 Oct 2012, 05:43

Twilight - not my cup of tea but I can see how people enjoy the books (particularly young girls). As a love story it works, but the fantasy element almost seems unnecessary. In my humble opinion it even takes something away from the story. We are meant to believe in these characters and wish them their success and happiness, but I just found myself angry at the ridiculousness of everything else. It's my little pony in book form: fine for some people, for others not so much.

Harry Potter - Now here's a series I enjoyed, reading at least half of the books in 24 hour periods (individually of course). Great story telling and exciting all the way through... Apart from the last book, which for me at least dragged (much like the 2 part film). Saying that, the ending wrapped itself up nicely and I came away from reading the series happy and content. In comparison to twilight, the fantasy is integral to the story and the original elements used make it all the more enjoyable.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#97 by vsc_vet_tech
» 15 Oct 2012, 00:31

I have read both series (in fact I have recently re-read the entire Harry Potter series) and I have to say that there really is no comparison to be made. Yes, they were written for young adults, but so was the Hunger Games (discussion for a other time), but that does not mean that they have to be compared. This would be like comparing The Time Traveler's Wife to The Game of Thrones...both are science fiction/fantacy, but that is where the comparison ends. I believe that this is simlar to Harry Potter and Twilight...Two very good series but cannot be compared on an even playing field.

On a side note I enjoyed Harry Potter better, both in book and film forms. :-)
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#98 by preetisoft2
» 19 Oct 2012, 05:00

I have also read Twilight and Harry potter both are good series. And you are some likes Harry and some likes Endward. But there should not be competition between both of these series.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#99 by DivineIntervention
» 20 Oct 2012, 11:18

In terms of story lines I would definitely say Harry Potter, a much, much more original story, and the characters and setting in it are much more lovable. But, I don't like the writing style in the first 2 HP books, they get better though, especially the deathly hallows. Twilight to me has a equally good writing style, it's not excellent but it's certainly not bad. I enjoyed reading both, but it's definitely Harry potter all the way!
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#100 by SofiaICMT
» 24 Oct 2012, 17:04

I've read the two. I personally prefer the harry potter, perhaps because I grew up at the same time of characters and this factor may have created a stronger link with the characters.
Regarding the twilight saga also quite liked, and I could not rest until I've read all the books.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#101 by jennilinski
» 08 Nov 2012, 21:13

I believe that both are good books. If they were left at just books I don't believe that there would be as much hate towards Twilight. However, the Twilight movies are nothing compared to the Harry Potter movies. This then in turn gives the Twilight series a bad name.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#102 by EmmaH
» 19 Nov 2012, 10:20

I've read both series, and enjoyed them both, but in my mind there is just no comparison. Harry Potter runs circles around Twilight, both in it's creativity and writing style. J.K. Rowling is simply a better writer than Meyer. I think Harry Potter appeals to people of all ages, where Twilight definitely feels like a "teen" book. I'm not trying to put Twilight down, as I did enjoy it, but since we're comparing the two....Harry Potter hands down.

I do agree with Jennilinski's post that the Twilight movies give the series a bad name though. I always feel the need to see the movie after I read a book, but these movies are just awful. I think a lot of people are not willing to read the series after seeing the movie previews.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#103 by Caron1
» 19 Nov 2012, 21:34

I think it's apples and oranges. You should compare Harry Potter to other wizard type books and compare Twilight to other vampire romances. After all, one might enjoy romance more than wizard adventure stories and visa versa. It's not really a reflection of which is better, just which you prefer. I'm not a very picky reader as long as books don't get too long winded...get me to the action. So I enjoyed both series.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#104 by slove93
» 27 Nov 2012, 17:51

I have read both series and believe they are aimed towards different audiences. Yes, you can enjoy both but Twilight is more romance-based. I personally prefer Harry Potter over Twilight.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#105 by Showiebowie
» 05 Dec 2012, 05:38

I read both series and enjoyed both but for different reasons. It baffles me that people have made it into a competition between the two because they are not alike at all so there is no real grounds for a competition. I must say though that I do prefer Harry Potter but I attribute that to having grown up with them.
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