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Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#76 by altairslover
» 26 Jan 2012, 22:19

I grew up reading Harry Potter so I might be a little biased. I absolutely loved the series and everything about it. Rowling created a world that is so unique and amazing. I went to the midnight release of the last few books at Barnes&Noble. I fell in love with the magical world she created.

I too picked up Twilight on a whim. I didn't really know what it was about but I was interested to find out. I read all four books in a week. I loved it, but it didn't really compare to Harry Potter.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#77 by andrea21
» 18 Jun 2012, 16:35

I love reading romance, with some suspense series. Bella is so good in this character, I like her
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#78 by Hourglass
» 19 Jun 2012, 15:50

I enjoyed Twilight. I also liked Harry Potter, but they are two very different stories.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#79 by tinatin
» 22 Jun 2012, 16:01

I'm a big potterhead and find that Harry Potter is a tad better than Twilight, however Harry Potter had its own falling points too. The thing I don't get is why Harry Potter fans get so upset about twilight, because though twilight isn't the best book ever, Harry Potter and Twilight are as different as night and day. One is about the importance of friedship, and the other about the power of love.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#80 by anneboyko
» 03 Jul 2012, 22:01

I love both series equally, but I think there is a new and upcoming writer that will knock Stephanie Meyer out of the ballpark. There is a new book out called Possessions by M.K. Wilke I just finished reading it and it blew my mind! I cannot wait for the release of her second book in the series! I got the book on amazon, you guys should check it out.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#81 by reborn as phoenix
» 14 Jul 2012, 02:50

Both Harry Potter and twilight are awesome reads though it realy depends on what kind of a reader are you. The die hard romantics and mushy types may prefer twilight and those who have already been mesmerised by Rowlings magic will definitely like Twilight. Both of them are great literary pieces and like chalk and cheese, are incomparable.
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reborn as phoenix
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Post Number:#82 by Tamispeare
» 28 Jul 2012, 02:37

Simworm wrote:I picked up Twilight at the end of last year at a clearance book shop for $5. I wasn't too interested in the series but thought I'd buy it since it was so cheap and to see what the hype was about. I read it and after that first read, I LOVED it. I read the whole series including the Bree Tanner novella a few times and continued to love the idea of having a fantasy love and saw it as a good book that helped me escape reality. I finally got out of the twilight bubble and started reading other books and now that I look back I really can't see what I got myself worked up about. I like the ideas Stephenie Meyer offers such as Fantasy love versus reality love but I feel it was just very very messy. Also, I started reading some Classic books such as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights - which Meyer apparently loosely based her books upon - I feel that perhaps she straight out copied them, put them into her own words, turned the characters into mythical creatures and called it Twilight. There are some things I still like about the series but definetly can see how overrated it all is.

I've only read the first Harry Potter book quite recently and am yet to read the rest but I agree that HP and Twilight definetly cannot be compared, they're so different.

Excuse me, but how exactly do you think Meyer was inspired by those two classic books? The plots of Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heighs and Twilight are totally different. Frankly, I didn't really like those two classic books, because they are too melancolic in my opinion, but of course they are better than "Twilight" (In my opinion again).
I read the "Harry Potter" series and was fond by some of the books(The third is the best in my opinion). They aren't my favorite, but they are pretty fine, some can relate to them and some don't.

If you are a twilight fan, don't read the next paragraph.

And for "Twilight"- I only read the first book and regreted about asking it for my birthday, because it was so disappointing. It's not well written, because most of the book is about how hot Edward looks...Pretty superficial. Not to mention that he is an abusive boyfriend, a bad example for teenage girls who want to fall in love.

Anywoo, I think a preference to any of those is related to an individual taste in books, so arguing and flaming each other because of them is pointless.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#83 by lil20artist
» 02 Aug 2012, 15:50

I don't have a reveiw but this is just a very quick comment I must make very clearly. Twilight is in no way the next new Harry Potter. I wouldn't read Harry Potter during my free time but know it is still a better story than Twilight. The "clearly know who won" love triangle, glittering vampires (come on when did Dracula ever glow), and lazy story line can't even hold a candle to the one part of Harry getting his wand.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#84 by Noriko
» 03 Aug 2012, 04:58

Huu, in my opinion that's not even worth to mention. Harry Potter is a whole other league than Twilight!
I grew up with the Harry Potter books and love them. I think that's what makes the Harry Potter books so strong: A whole generation who grew up with Harry Potter and his friends.
I problem of Twilight is, that the movies are so badly made. I saw the first movie before I read the books. And after I saw the movie, it needed a lot of convincing from my friends that finally I read the books. And I have to say they are okay.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#85 by tdeblase94
» 03 Aug 2012, 17:54

Like you said, they're both completely incomparable. I really enjoyed both.

-- 03 Aug 2012, 18:59 --

I personally think it's kind of irritating, however, that the Harry Potter fans (and the media, but mostly the fans) are the ones who kind of started the whole argument and they use it as a way to attack the Twilight books, whereas most Twilight fans I've come in contact with have great things to say about Harry Potter, too. I just don't think its fair for people to do that -- Stephenie Meyer is a stay at home mom who wrote the book on a whim and didn't even want to publish it, it is meant to be read for enjoyment and I don't think people should criticize her writing when she's not really a writer.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#86 by mspjmunoz
» 08 Aug 2012, 16:00

I have read both series, multiple times. I enjoyed them both and don't believe that a comparison is really appropriate. While both series transcend age groups and even generations, they are such different subjects that it is absolutely like comparing apples to oranges, similar in some ways but very different. I think the only real thing that you could compare is how well the books were adapted to movies. Whereas the Harry Potter series was beautifully adapted, I found the Twilight adaptation lacking in so many ways that I didn't even bother seeing more than the first movie and maybe half of the second one. In truth, however, it's all a matter of opinion, as I know several people who think that the Twilight movies were amazing.
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Re: Twilight vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#87 by becky119
» 09 Aug 2012, 14:07

Ender wrote:The same can be said for me; at gun point, it'd have to be Harry Potter. While I enjoyed the Twilight series very much, Harry Potter was more my type of book. Twilight was a romance, but I got lost in it so much, that I kept forgetting it was romance. However, I don't think I could enjoy the movie coming up for Twilight. Too romantic, I'd have to have a girl there with me so I could tell everyone she wanted to watch it, not me. :P However, I don't see why a comparison has to be made. They are both great series, they both have their pro's and con's, and can both be enjoyed by many different people. I liked them both, I just preferred HP more than Twilight.

Even without a gun held to my head I can hands down say that Harry Potter is the better series. First of all, both series were written by rookie authors. I felt that as J.K.Rowling got further into the series, she became a better writer. Her creativitiy is amazing and every book is worth reading. I personally own three sets of the series (The American version, the Children's British version and the Adult British version--and no, there really isn't that much of a difference). I found myself laughing aloud at her books, tense with suspense, indigniant on behalf of the characters and sobbing at some points (especially in the 7th book when one of my favorite characters... :cry: )

Then there is the Twilight series. A love story with vampires, not that original but I gave it a chance because I love vampires. I enjoyed the first book and did not hesitaite to purchase the rest of the series. Now I'm unhappy that I didn't just borrow them from the library. SPOILER ALERT When an epic battle is about to happen..I want to see some violence. What I don't want is for the characters to settle their differences nicely. That's boring. The fourth book was so anti-climatic because of this reason. That, and the whole pregnant with a vampire baby, not my cup of tea. Stephanie Meyers' writing did not improve the further you got in the series, in fact I feel that the opposite happened.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#88 by marycatherinehayes
» 18 Aug 2012, 12:50

i absolutely love HP and Twilight, and cannot see any reason as to why people have to compare them. Twilight is a love story and HP is a story about good conquering evil, they are completly different and shouldn't be compared because they are both brilliant series' in their own right. :mrgreen:
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#89 by Stacey1109
» 18 Aug 2012, 14:50

I don't understand how people can compare the two. Twilight is about glittery vampires and Harry Potter is about an orphaned wizard trying to fight evil. They are both good but they have no simalaritys to warrent pairing them off each other. They are simply two popular series.

Team potter though I have read a few of the Harry Potter fanfiction stories some of them are better than the books.
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Re: Twilight Vs. Harry Potter

Post Number:#90 by YaquelinO
» 30 Aug 2012, 21:30

The harry potter series is better than twilight without a doubt for me, i did enjoy the twilight series though.
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