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Official Review: Time out of Mind by Linda Morgan

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Official Review: Time out of Mind by Linda Morgan

Post Number:#1 by Saoirse200
» 08 Oct 2013, 17:36

[Following is the official review of "Time out of Mind" by Linda Morgan.]

I did not know what to expect when I decided to read Time out of Mind by Linda Morgan and I was pleasantly surprised when I read this book because it offered I unique and interesting story-line; which was like nothing like I have ever read before.


The plot is about Devon and the incredible events that occur after she meets and falls in love with Jake. An unexpected series of events leads Devon to meet a very gifted psychic named Alexis. Alexis lets Devon know that she is also gifted with many psychic powers, after this Devon is shown a whole new and incredible world full of mystery and excitement and some hard work of course.

I think the author Linda Morgan has brilliant writing skills that are clearly shown in this book. This story was told very smoothly and each event that occurred lead to another exciting situation or opportunity. Everything seemed to happen for a reason, and as this plot unfolds it is easy to see why some of the subtle meetings or events were so important.

Character Development

At the beginning of this book Devon seemed like an average young adult, going out and partying most nights, taking a bit too much alcohol and forgetting what exactly happened the next morning but as this story unfolds I realized that Devon was not an average girl and I really enjoyed reading about her as she develops her psychic skills and her overall maturity.

Who would this book appeal to?

I think this book will appeal to anybody who enjoys reading fantasy or paranormal novels. I also think fans of young adult novels will really enjoy reading this book because Devon’s behaviour is very similar to a lot of young adults.

I think there can be two very different perspectives for this book. I personally loved it because it gave so much insight into the psychic world and what it was really about, which is expanding consciousness. I think somebody who is not a fan of fantasy or the paranormal or who is not very open to the idea of there being genuine psychics will not enjoy this book, simply because there are a lot of radical theories that a lot of skeptics would find to be ridiculous.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book and I hope the author will publish more novels.

Warning: This book contains drug use and scenes of rape therefore I would not recommend it to anybody who finds those topics offensive or anybody under the age of 18.

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