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Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

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Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#1 by nagathachristie
» 25 Jul 2013, 10:48

[Following is the official review of "Boys Book of Armageddon" by Daniel Lee Brookshier.]

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Three out of four stars for Daniel Lee Brookshier’s Boys Books of Armageddon.

What do you do when everyone tells you the world is going to end? The Boys Book of Armageddon explores several different scenarios of the Apocalypse. This parody goes in detail of the different horrors that could send the human race into mass decline. Zombie cockroaches, alien probes, flying pigs (and dysentery), and much more. It is a comprehensive book, and has several sections, from a list of historical doomsayers who failed to predict the correct Apocalypse date, a list of several hypothetical natural Apocalypse triggers, a How-to-Guide to make money during the Apocalypse, an encyclopedia of Apocalyptic creatures and a bunch of experiments for the novice doomsayer. The best part of the book is the How-To guide for profiting from doomsayers. It’s the Get-Rich-But-Is-Not-Stupid-Enough-To-Die-Trying method (unless you get killed by a pack of rioters who have realized that the world is not ending).

The book is nearly 500 pages long and what I personally consider too long for a How-To book. That did not stop me from reading it, as I am a fan of parodies and making fun of silly events. The first thing I thought was funny was what happened before the book. There were a lot of warnings, written in a delightfully witty and funny style. People should really take heed of these warnings, however, because this style of humor is not for everyone. It is only for a select few. I thought the book started off to a good start. I giggled in a lot of areas.

The book, however, was hard to read because it became too redundant after reading a few sections. There were several different headers for subjects, but they repeated a lot of information, or witticisms I heard earlier (even if they were worded slightly different). There was a lot of religion-bashing (but readers are warned to not read this book if it makes them uncomfortable, so this is not a point off the author, but a note interested readers must take into account) that had the same arguments cycled over and over. I thought there were too many pages of religion-bashing, even if the initial points were hilarious. I felt I was reading through The Bible and being pointed things out. It took away from the hilarity of the book, which would have done better to choose the strongest points and stick them in there once, with references to that section of the book if it were needed.

That being said, there were some hilarious parts in the middle, and the experiments never did disappoint. Do not skip the experiments. The book also picked up its pace and hilarity at the How-To-Profit section (which was why I picked up the book in the first place), and I was laughing my head off.

I gave this funny book a 3 out of 4 stars rating. One star had to be taken away for several reasons. Firstly, this book is not for everyone. I would expect a majority of people would find it offensive. Secondly, the book was too long for my liking, and could have been shortened in some areas. Brevity would make it amazing, but its redundant nature made me take a week to read it. The book lacked strong organization, which would be much improved if it was whittled down. Thirdly, there are several grammatical and spelling errors. I found myself, however, not caring about the mistakes because the author asked and apologized in advance before the book actually began (very clever). My advice to the reader that still wants to check out this book after reading the review is to go to the Index and pick out the sections you want to read first, and then skim the other sections later.

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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#2 by Silverchristie
» 24 Aug 2013, 10:27

seems like a very unique book.
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#3 by fever33
» 31 Aug 2013, 16:42

Sounds interesting. I don't know if I would like the length but you can't judge a book by length I guess
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#4 by K08nr01
» 04 Sep 2013, 12:51

Sounds like a fun read!
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#5 by Megan Young
» 05 Sep 2013, 04:47

Sounds great!
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#6 by Zannie
» 07 Sep 2013, 09:22

Thank you for posting your review
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#7 by brookshier
» 09 Sep 2013, 14:22

Great review! Thanks!
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Re: Official Review: Boys Book of Armageddon

Post Number:#8 by cristhian
» 23 Sep 2013, 09:21

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