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Official Review: Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping

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Official Review: Beyond the Valley of Sex and Shopping

Post Number:#1 by twinbabies2000
» 20 Feb 2013, 23:26

[Following is the official review of "BEYOND THE VALLEY OF SEX AND SHOPPING" by E. P. ROSE.]

This story takes you through the life of Susan Perry. It tells of her pain, tragedies, friendships, boyfriends, experiences and family. Some of the main characters in this story are Jennifers brother, George or The Porge as she likes to call him, Tom, a druggie that believes everyone has the right to put whatever they want into their veins, Marry Poppins is Jennifer and George's nanny, that is the original Mary Poppins, and of course Victor who becomes Susan's husband.

The storyline itself is good and kept me entertained. I did have to re-read some areas due to some of the choppiness of the story. There were large gaps in people’s lives and the story jumped from one person to another, never really picking up where left off. It seemed to me that the author was in a hurry to get to the end of the book. Most books I've read that cover a person's life tends to be longer. I would really suggest to the author that more story and detail be added to this book. Really concentrate on smoothing the book out, ensuring that stories pick up where they left off and I fully believe this could be a best seller.

I found some mis-use of words a couple times. Like the word round was used to describe the area around the eyes, when the word that should be used is around. This happened in a couple different areas and caused be to stop and back up, trying to ensure I understood what was being said.

The formatting was off when I downloaded it to my Nook Color. The chapter numbers were usually on the last page of the previous chapter and Font sizes were different in several areas of the book. Not sure how this happens as I'm not familiar with how eBooks are set up to download to different eBook types.

Overall I really did enjoy the storyline, but wish there was more details brought out in the characters’ lives.
I would recommend this book to people to read even as is because it was entertaining and stirred the emotions, but feel that there is much room for improvement without changing the storyline. I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.

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