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Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

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Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

Post Number:#1  Postby karueter » 01 Oct 2012, 22:09

Despite the hype surrounding the Fifty Shades trilogy, I found it to be badly written. However, Pauline Réage's "The Story of O" is another story. Keep in mind that this is definitely erotica, so if that's not your thing this definitely won't be, as it features some hard-core BSDM scenes. However, unlike Fifty Shades, the characters are very well developed. Hard to believe it was written in the 50s! Apparently we've been naughty all along!
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Re: Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

Post Number:#2  Postby ralfy » 02 Oct 2012, 02:01

There are lots to consider, including the Perennial Forbidden Classics collection:

http://www.readings.com.au/collection/p ... n-classics

which includes works from previous centuries.
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Re: Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

Post Number:#3  Postby jordan96 » 11 Oct 2012, 17:44

I am definitely going to check this out. I loved FSOG so I hope I like this one too. Thanks!
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Re: Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

Post Number:#4  Postby mcfmatthews » 19 Oct 2012, 17:23

I have also read both books and I agree, The Story of O is much better.

The story of O is developed and actually has a great plot. It is erotica with a much more intense BDSM story line.
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Re: Much better than Fifty Shades - The Story of O

Post Number:#5  Postby larryb » 21 Oct 2012, 14:15

I don't think there is much disagreement about 50 shades. If you care about language, character, and plot it is unreadable.
O is superior-but there is an issue we should discuss. Wayne Booth asked a long time ago what do we do with a work that employs great artistry to valorize an evil idea-the Holocaust for example. As I recall O ends with the heroine consenting to her death. Do we in our reading leave aside our normal ethical sense? Can we and should we? O comes out of a milieu fascinated by the idea of transgression and as I recall in that milieu there was a lot of sympathy for fascism. "Eroticism"-
but arousal for whom? Does the work express female sexual desire or, even though written by a woman, a male fantasy of that desire.?
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