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"Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

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"Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#1  Postby jordyn_swift » 11 Aug 2012, 20:52

"Crank" by Ellen Hopkins follows sixteen year Kristina Snow through her introduction and addiction to methamphetamines. Even though Hopkins has a unique and poetic writing style, one can't help but get sucked in to Kristina's downward spiral. Hopkins perfectly portrays addiction and the struggles one faces when choosing that lifestyle. I highly recommend this book, especially towards those whose lives have been directly or indirectly affected by addiction. It truly gives insight into the mind of an addict. Even though the writing style was hard to understand at first, by the end of the book I respected Hopkin's individuality and creativity. I could hardly put the book down and spent many nights thinking about the book.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#2  Postby [downfallinpeaces] » 23 Oct 2012, 19:08

I read this book about 15 years ago in junior high, and every once in awhile it comes to mind. I should re-read it since it stuck with me for so long. I just remember being taken in with the main character and wanting her life to turn out ok.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#3  Postby fairykingdom » 16 Nov 2012, 19:10

There are two more books about Kristina and her addiction: Glass and Fallout. I think these three (as well as the rest of her books!) are great ways to spark important discussions with teens about difficult subjects.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#4  Postby slove93 » 15 Dec 2012, 15:20

I agree this book does sick you into her addiction. Hopkins is writing some of these accounts based off of her daughter's experience with drugs. I've read the first two books in the series. Although her poetic style of writing can be hard to follow, this is a very quick read.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#5  Postby -pbf » 19 Jun 2013, 12:51

fairykingdom wrote:There are two more books about Kristina and her addiction: Glass and Fallout. I think these three (as well as the rest of her books!) are great ways to spark important discussions with teens about difficult subjects.

I agree! Hopkins has a knack for writing that kind of book, and Crank was no exception.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#6  Postby heath110 » 26 Jul 2013, 23:09

Crank was a deceivingly easy read, but worth every second. It opened my eyes to a world that I was fortunate not to have seen, and allowed me to become open to others situations and their personal difficulties. This reminded me of another book call "Go Ask Alice" by Anonymous. Ellen Hopkins helped create a niche of writing with her poetic novella.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#7  Postby sbanks147 » 08 Sep 2013, 20:21

I liked this book when I read it back in high school. It is an eye opening read and is a good way to let young people know how bad drugs and other difficult situations can be and how hard they can be to get out of.
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Re: "Crank" by Ellen Hopkins

Post Number:#8  Postby JessChristman » 19 Sep 2013, 14:51

Wow, I read this book as a junior in highschool and it has stuck with me. I absolutely LOVED this book. I remember being nervous that it was written in prose but it was very easy to understand and sucked you in within the first few pages. I never read a book that made me feel so emotional. I was Kristina's best friend, I was with her through everything, I cried when she was in pain, when she coudln't say no, I struggled right along side her. I was ecstatic when Glass came out I read in a day and with both of these books and then again with Fallout I was hearbroken multiple times in the story. I really cannot explain how well Ellen Hopkins expressed every minute of Kristina's life. When I finished each book I greived for Kristina and had to take a break from reading because I just didn't want to let her go. I have read every single Ellen Hopkins book, and I have a few other favorites, Burned.
Burned is about a young Mormo girl named Pattyn. She is the oldest of seven girls, her father is a raging alcoholic, one day she defies her parents and they send her to live with her Aunt J. She falls in love with a boy Ethan (which is quite magical, I fell in love with him myself), and she gets pregnant. I will not share the ending because YOU ALL should read it but it is quite traumatizing. I also just found out they are coming out with a sequel written from Pattyn and her little sister Jackie's perspective. Yay! Sept 2013
Impulse is another favorite, it is written from the perspective of three different teenagers. They all want to die. Their lives come together at a psych hospital...

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