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Good vs. Evil

Discuss the April 2017 Book of the Month, Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole.

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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#61 by mariakavo88
» 19 Apr 2017, 13:37

I agree that good vs evil can often times become predictable; however as long as the book is written well and keeps me engaged I do not mind. With that being said I also like a surprise every now and than; however in the end I find myself wishing that good would prevail in the cases when it does not.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#62 by Kdonegan91
» 19 Apr 2017, 13:38

I agree that these books can become predictable. However, the twist and action between the beginning and end is what keeps me reading. On the other hand, the evil character can't be boring and one-dimensional. That completely ruins the book. I enjoy well developed characters that are realistic.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#63 by Eternal Bookworm
» 19 Apr 2017, 13:47

I agree, the "Good vs. Evil" theme is common, but only because it works. You need each side to play off the other. If there was no evil side, the good side wouldn't be "good". They are good or evil based solely on comparison to their opposite. Plus, if there was no conflict between two sides, how would the storyline develop? Even when the ending is predictable, I love the good vs. evil theme. It gives the story balance.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#64 by Shein30438
» 20 Apr 2017, 10:11

I think good vs. evil is still a perfectly acceptable story. As long as the story can throw in twists and turns to make it interesting. I prefer when the story portrays characters that are good and bad at the same time. Where you can tell they are battling with themselves to be good, but in order to do good, they do some bad to get there. For example, if they are trying to find a killer and clear their name, they are fighting "bad guys" and hacking computers and stirring up trouble to do so.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#65 by Jaime Lync
» Yesterday, 11:16

I am of the opinion that good should prevail but it should be shown that evil is actually a perverted good....that is, that before there was evil there was good, like we usually hate people only after having loved them....I don't mind being able to predict the end of a book as long as their are twist and turns that I didn't expect before the end.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#66 by Sparkletime
» Yesterday, 12:25

I think this book is clearly good vs evil but I think a lot of books strive to make it "one side vs the other" and we as reads sometimes assign the "good vs evil" onto different sides. Next time you do this, think about if it's really good vs evil or if it's you sympathizing with one side's goals over the other. I personally try not to think of this theme when reading so that I can enjoy trying to see both sides. I prefer books that really let me understand both sides.
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Re: Good vs. Evil

Post Number:#67 by Donnavila Marie01
» Yesterday, 19:36

Rebeccaej wrote:I set a challange for myself, in the novel I'm writing, to write a world entirely without malice, without rage, essentially without evil, and see how much conflict I could get out of a world where everybody is working from good intentions.

It turns out, quite a lot, and a lot is in moral gray areas or "blue and orange morality," that I find a lot more compelling than good vs evil.

Knowing that somebody is kind and loving, and watching them argue in favor of atrocities, for reasons you used to believe yourself--that just feels a lot more interesting to me than moral absolutes.

I commend the intention. I agree with the idea that despite the condition that everybody is trying to be good and working for the general welfare, we can still squeeze interesting conflicts because of individual differences and individual perception towards what is best.
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