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Post Number:#46  Postby Mikkiblu » 07 Jul 2009, 00:39

I'm reading 20 chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott and thoroughly enjoying it.
Read Atonement last year as well. Still haven't seen the movie though.
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Post Number:#47  Postby middleman » 08 Jul 2009, 13:35

This is my first post so I picked an easy one. John Adams by David McCullough.
Very Interesting.
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Post Number:#48  Postby Bennay » 08 Jul 2009, 15:48

I've heard so much about Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that I've finally decided to give it a try. I'm one chapter in and already hooked :D
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Post Number:#49  Postby mrsbalrog » 09 Jul 2009, 13:17

I am reading 'The Road Home" by Rose Tremain and 'The Coroners Lunch" by Colin Cotterill.
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Post Number:#50  Postby jaytuk » 09 Jul 2009, 15:05

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Post Number:#51  Postby princess » 12 Jul 2009, 08:57

I'm currently reading Brida by Paulo Coelho. Really enjoying it so far, and I'm a big Coelho fan.
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Post Number:#52  Postby Randy E. Harnshire » 12 Jul 2009, 12:13

I am reading 'Exposing the Hidden Things'
Randy E. Harnshire
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Post Number:#53  Postby prettyvicky » 13 Jul 2009, 09:20

i'm currently reading 2001: a space odyssey
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Post Number:#54  Postby limpet_21 » 16 Jul 2009, 14:46

I am currently reading "The Sleeping Doll" by Jeffery Deaver. SUperb book so far
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Post Number:#55  Postby kennyg » 18 Jul 2009, 01:16

Well currently it's Danny Wallace Yes Man book and really love his style of writing. I think he's definitely one I would call the funniest writer of his generation :D
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Post Number:#56  Postby shanshaukat » 19 Jul 2009, 08:18

i am searching some sort of web
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Post Number:#57  Postby Kitten » 19 Jul 2009, 08:28

wilsi_3 wrote:Child 44" yes..it's his first book.

Have you read it? I'm just about finished and have enjoyed it so far.
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Reading about other countries

Post Number:#58  Postby MarcomMom » 19 Jul 2009, 16:45

Found "French Lessons" by Alice Kaplan at a used-book booth at a swap meet and am loving it. Also reading "La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind," by Beppe Servergnini. I loved his book about an Italian's view of America, which was called "Ciao, America!"
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Post Number:#59  Postby Kitten » 20 Jul 2009, 08:38

Just about to start the "Flashman Papers" by George McDonald Fraser. Any thougths?
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Post Number:#60  Postby wendyme » 20 Jul 2009, 09:23

This is my first time posting. :D Hello everyone! I just got done reading "to Kill a Mockingbird" and now reading " Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."
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