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What's your favorite book?

Use this forum for book and reading discussion that doesn't fall into another category. Talk about books, genres, reading issues, general literature, and any other topic of particular interest to readers. If you want to start a thread about a specific book or a specific series, please do that in the section below this one.

Post Number:#61 by akaybeyond
» 12 Dec 2008, 04:22

I cannot think of all my favourite books. :oops:
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Post Number:#62 by EM_Books
» 12 Dec 2008, 06:16

Any of the Harry Potter books, all incredible
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Post Number:#63 by BarrieReader
» 16 Dec 2008, 12:52

I read a lot, and have several that I absolutely love. If I had to pick just one it would be Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.
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Favorite Book

Post Number:#64 by ResonantAleph
» 16 Dec 2008, 17:54

My favorite book would probably have to be The Collected Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges.
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Microsoft Encarta encyclopaedia

Post Number:#65 by ciscopower
» 19 Dec 2008, 00:13

Microsoft Encarta encyclopaedia is my favouriate book, actually it is a encyclopaedia ebook, nice user interface, rich content.
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Post Number:#66 by Wells83
» 19 Dec 2008, 10:27

BarrieReader wrote:I read a lot, and have several that I absolutely love. If I had to pick just one it would be Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

I completely agree.
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Post Number:#67 by Jason44
» 20 Dec 2008, 14:51

EM_Books wrote:Any of the Harry Potter books, all incredible

Yeah they are also one of my favorites
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Post Number:#68 by TeamMikeNewton
» 27 Dec 2008, 00:28

Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Cryptid Hunters, and Speak.
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Post Number:#69 by freckles
» 29 Dec 2008, 00:14

awelker wrote:I read so much but i guess that my favorite books are the stephanie plum books by janet evanovich. they are hilarious and you won't want to put them down.

I completely agree, I love the series it always makes me laugh.
I also love Odd Thomas by Dean Kootnz, one of my all time favorites. It is hard to narrow the list down because I've read so many books that I've loved but those are at the top.
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Post Number:#70 by yollyP.
» 30 Dec 2008, 00:00

The DaVinci code really struck the curiosity in me. No wonder the whole world went gaga over this book (including me). I considered the author as very gifted because he succeeded in catching the attention not only of the million readers but also the moviegoers.
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Post Number:#71 by jgand
» 01 Jan 2009, 17:56

Favorite Book. That's a tough one. There are so many. But I guess I go with Dune.
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Post Number:#72 by Bananafish
» 05 Jan 2009, 22:41

Easy: The Road by Cormac McCarthy. 1984 is a close second.

Why? Because! It holds your attention throughout its entire course; furthermore, it breathes lifeless hope into your soul. It's a masterpiece.
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my favorite book

Post Number:#73 by 3nikki
» 05 Jan 2009, 22:48

...changes with time.

Right now it has got to be 'Your Best Ever Now' by Joel Osteen.

For peace of mind and help with challenges.

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Post Number:#74 by character_education
» 06 Jan 2009, 03:02

Angels & Demons
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One of my favs from long ago

Post Number:#75 by Christian G. Weaver
» 12 Jan 2009, 08:52

Probably would have to be "Leige Killer". I think that was the title anyway.. but this question now has me reminded of it and prompts me to try to find it to read again :D
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Christian G. Weaver
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