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Average Rating: 3.7 out of 4

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on July 20, 2015, at 12:04 pm by Tanaya.

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The Blessing of Movement

  by Deborah Konrad

The First Ten

Because The Blessing of Movement was Book of the Day, some of our most trusted reviewers have carefully looked over the cover, the description, and other aspects of this book. The reviewers even read at least the first 10 pages of the book. They have each written a short review explaining why they plan to read the whole book or not based on the sample they read and other aspects of the book. Their feedback is displayed below. We call this awesome feature The First Ten.

Over a million books are published each year. Any given person could not even read .0001% of the books out there. This means readers have to be very selective. Even taking the time to look over reviews and blurbs, let alone read samples, is more time than most readers can afford for most books. The First Ten is a powerful focus group that addresses those issues. It creates a helpful tool for authors, publishers, and other readers.


The Amazon blurb is well-written, but the description of the story is overly general and I didn't get a good sense of whether I might like the book. I can't say I liked the cover. The font used for the title and author's name doesn't stand out and almost disappears into the picture. Also, there is just a photo of a woman and it's not clear who it is (the author? her sister?). In any event, the cover wouldn't make me look twice online or in a bookstore. The beginning pages are technically well written, but there is a little too much information in one paragraph after another, without a pause - many personal details about Sandra, the author, and her other sister during childhood, the Jim Crow South in Houston in the 1940's, other details about the family, etc. It felt like too much info jumbled all together all at once and didn't always flow well. I am not interested enough to read further.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 11:04 am by bookowlie.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


When I saw that it was a motivational book, it piqued my interest because for me, you can never have enough motivation. I read the sample and it was still in the early stages of the book, detailing what life was like during the main character's early years up until puberty. It was nice to read, to say the least, but I'm not going to buy the book right now and read the rest of it so I won't be able to get to the heavy parts yet. There were like, two or three instances of typos and errors but they didn't bug me too much. It's good enough to be recommended to other readers looking for some stuff.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 11:22 am by easy_dc13.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Vermont Reviews

The book The Blessing of Movement by Deborah Konrad in the preview of this book I was able to feel the emotion of growing up in the South during the 1960's. Society was much different then. By reading the preview and the reviews by readers of the book I would have chosen to buy the book. At this time my reading level is overloaded and I passed on downloading the book. I did very much enjoy the preview. One of my favorite lines from the preview. "I think it goes back to the confidence thing. Whatever you do in life, if you believe in you, the world will believe in you." I did notice one error in the preview. It makes me think that a proof and edit needs to be done on this book. Overall the style of writing was very good. The story was easy to follow. It was a great choice for book of the day.
Vermont Reviews

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 11:54 am by Vermont Reviews.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


After seeing the cover art, reading the title and synopsis, I was still not exactly sure what this book is about. It is not clear whether this is non-fiction, fiction, or a biography. It is only after you read some of the reviews that you get an idea of the plot of the novel. I think there should be more detail in the synopsis. Although the title is unique, the cover art is not exactly interesting.
The book does seem like it has been professionally edited but at times the writing felt repetitive. Personally, I do not think I will be reading the rest of this novel because nothing has caught my attention even after reading the first ten pages.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 12:33 pm by Sarah_Khan.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I probably wouldn't have sampled the book as I don't read non-fiction books. I found the cover lovely and the blurb satisfying. The official review piqued my interest. Both sisters sound courageous. After reading the sample I decided not to read the book. For one, memoirs aren't my cup of tea. Second, I wasn't pulled into the story, nor did I connect to the writing itself. I am sure it is a very uplifting story. Alas, it isn't for me.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 2:10 pm by gali.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not sampled the book, I wouldn't have chosen it. I like light hearted books and this didn't seem like one. Having sampled the book, my opinion remains. I love the writing style and the emotions are portrayed beautifully. That's what I liked best about the book. However, I was left confused about the chatacters' personalities. That could be improved upon. The book seems to be professionally edited and has a favorable Onlinebookclub review. I'm sure people who like the genre would love the book, but it isn't for me.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 2:33 pm by AA1495.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Based on the title, cover, blurb, and reviews, I don't think I would pick this up. Although this book seems to explore themes like family and love which I like, this also sounds like it would be a depressing read. The customer reviews on amazon are great, so I think the author does a good job catering to her audience, but I don't think I am one of them. After reading the first ten pages, I am impressed with the writing style. It is very simple and direct and this memoir actually seems like it would be a pleasure to read. But, I have to be in the mood to read these kinds of books so I don't think I will finish the rest.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 5:31 pm by CrescentMoon.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


This type of book is often a toss-up for me. The premise is something that interests me, and the writing style (as the official reviewer said) doesn't allow the content to become too heavy and depressing. I enjoyed the positivity.
There are a few issues. As a reader, I would prefer a clearer blurb. The way it is now, I wouldn't have gotten as far as the sample. The jumps in time could be handled better. And it needs an edit, as there are several errors.
I don't plan to continue reading this.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 7:25 pm by Gravy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I don't particularly care for the cover because the picture looks old. I like inspirational life stories, though, so this is a book I would normally read. I enjoyed the sample. I like the conversational tone the book has and am interested to find out more about this family. However, I have so many books to read right now that I can not justify buying this one. I came across one error where"drew" was used instead of "grew".

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 9:45 pm by Rachaelamb1.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I was intrigued by the cover and blurb of this book and was glad I had the opportunity to sample it. The subject matter is very interesting and it's easy to tell the author is writing from her heart. However, the book could definitely use a good editor to clean it up. There were punctuation and word use errors that became distracting.

First Ten review added on October 7, 2016, at 11:38 pm by Shelle.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


When I first encountered this book, I anticipated a book that would probably be sweet, inspirational, and sad. The review informed me a little bit more about the issues addressed, the course of the story, and some of the weaknesses that persist throughout the book. If I had all the time in the world, I would absolutely love to use some of it for this book, but since I don't, I have to choose only the books that I want more than sleep. This book, despite its probable good quality, doesn't make my cut. I wasn't impressed enough by the style of the first ten pages, and I know from the review that the structural weaknesses that I saw hints of in those pages will continue throughout the book.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 12:48 am by L_Therese.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I am not a fan of memoirs, but I decided to read this book because it had a high rating on Amazon. The narration was engaging and honest, and this is what I liked the most about this novel. The cover and the title portrayed the gist of the novel effectively. All in all it was good read, and I think I will read the book if I had free time to spare.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 1:23 am by VinuW.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


The title of this one had me rather intrigued, and the image didn't really help me figure out what I was in for either. After reading a bit, I can definitely see how the image fits - this is a touching true story! The book is written well and I only noticed one error thus far, but it just doesn't have me hooked. While it's clear there's some major sibling love here, I don't see myself finishing it.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 2:02 am by CataclysmicKnight.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


If I had not sampled this book, I would not have read it because I do not read self-help or motivational books. After reading the sample, I have not changed my mind. I was very interested in the effects of Jim Crow and the racial tensions that were mentioned, but the beginning of the book felt like a long description of the narrator's life, like a biography, and I was a little confused as to what direction the book was supposed to be going in. I did think the book was professionally edited, and not seeing an official OnlineBookClub review did not change my opinion.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 2:23 am by psychopathycathy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Typically I enjoy nonfiction text based on someone's life and would normally have picked up this read. However, I have read a few recently, and the blurb is not convincing me to want to read this one. I'm not sure how I feel about the closeup face as the cover, but the title is nice. I will say that having a positive OBC review is definitely a plus towards this book.

Based on what I read, the book does seem to be professionally edited. I liked how positive the author seems to be about her sister's, Sandra's, ability to stay positive even with being in a wheelchair. However, I get the feeling that the author used Sandra's paralyzed state to write this book and to show how great the author took care of her sister. Maybe the book gets better, but I feel it is not for me. Therefore, I do not plan on giving this a read.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 5:09 am by hsimone.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


This book was reviewed by the OBC and was given an excellent rating. There were a few aspects of the book that made me think I wouldn't want to read it. I read the first few pages to get a sample. The author's story, and apparent reflections on life, appeared interesting. However, this book may be a bit too depressing for me. I don't plan on reading the rest.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 8:46 am by Momlovesbooks.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The title is interesting. The blurb, cover, and reviews (including the Official OnlineBookClub review) didn't tempt me to read the book. The cover looks unprofessional. Mainly, the genre of the story didn't sound interesting to me. After reading the sample on Amazon, I think I might eventually buy and read the book. Despite a few text errors (there was a misspelling of "grew" and a few other small typos), the story was compelling and I liked the addition of the photos. Currently, however, I will not finish reading it. I have a lot to read and I'm not interested enough in the story. It looks to be professionally edited, but not well. My favorite part was about the sibling dynamics. I would improve the book by making the photo on the cover smaller with some additional graphics and a different font to make it look professional. I would also edit the book again to catch the other typos and grammar errors.

First Ten review added on October 8, 2016, at 10:54 am by Thimble.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had it not been for the program I wouldn't have sampled this book. I am usually not interested in motivational books and such. The review caught my attention and being a 4/4 review from the OBC I thought it maybe something I could enjoy. After reading the first ten, I won't be purchasing and finishing the book. Motivational tales are great, but usually I only like a genre like that if I am really needing it. Learning about the author and her family in the first ten was very personal and I did enjoy it. There was one spelling error on the second page where "drew up" probably should have been "grew up". Other than that it was pretty good.

First Ten review added on October 9, 2016, at 1:00 am by Cjgarland89.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not sampled the first ten pages, I probably would not have chosen to read this one because I really don't read many memoir type books.

No, I will not buy and read the whole book. As I said, I do not read many memoirs. Plus, the price is above the limit I set for myself on purchasing eBooks.

The book is well-edited. No typos or grammatical errors detected.

I really liked the author's straightforward descriptions and telling of the story. It's obvious that she wants to tell an honest story. This honesty lets the book communicate human nature and all its complicated emotions and behaviors.

This book was officially reviewed on OBC.

First Ten review added on October 9, 2016, at 5:17 am by truebookaddict.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

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This book earned a score of 5%.

In other words, out of the top-level reviewers who read at least the first 10 pages of this book, 5% plan to read the whole book.

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