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Average Rating: 3.3 out of 4

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on November 27, 2016, at 9:59 am by MarisaRose.

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A Touch of Homicide: The Hollywood Murder Mysteries Book 12

  by Peter S. Fischer

The First Ten

Because A Touch of Homicide was Book of the Day, some of our most trusted reviewers have carefully looked over the cover, the description, and other aspects of this book. The reviewers even read at least the first 10 pages of the book. They have each written a short review explaining why they plan to read the whole book or not based on the sample they read and other aspects of the book. Their feedback is displayed below. We call this awesome feature The First Ten.

Over a million books are published each year. Any given person could not even read .0001% of the books out there. This means readers have to be very selective. Even taking the time to look over reviews and blurbs, let alone read samples, is more time than most readers can afford for most books. The First Ten is a powerful focus group that addresses those issues. It creates a helpful tool for authors, publishers, and other readers.


I may have sampled the book on my own, as I like the genre. I love Agatha Christie and I loved "Murder, She Wrote", so the book sounded promising. I love the cover! The blurb is concise and to the point, but the official review piqued my interest more. Unfortunately, the sampled failed to grab me. I liked the humor of the protagonist, but I didn't connect to the writing. Also, it is written in the present tense, which isn't one of my preferable modes of writing. The opening pages, describing the movie, bored me as they bored the protagonist. Things improved a bit afterward, but the pace is too slow for my taste. I won't buy the book right now as the sample failed to grab me.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by gali.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


So far the story gives an interesting look into the life of Joe Bernardi. His work as a publicist is the first bit of exposition mentioned, and it was executed well. If I were not a part of this program, I would have likely read it due to the fascinating cover image I saw on Facebook and the glowing review it received as a “cozy mystery” that could be read in one sitting on OnlineBookClub. For me, the best part of sampling the first ten pages was the scene in which Bernardi retold the story that Jill Halworth wass enacting. The plot of the story seems likely to mirror the plot of the overall story, and I thought that pointing a finger and mocking the common style of the plot as a “monstrosity” was hilarious. I will definitely purchase and read this book. There were no typos or grammatical errors.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by jamesabr.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I think the cover and title of this book are great, they made me want to find out more about the plot. After reading the first ten pages, I can say that this book is easy to read and professionally edited. The Online Book Club review compares this book to Agatha Christie novels, and since I am not exactly a fan of her books, I think I will pass on reading this novel.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by Sarah_Khan.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

James Craft

This one seems like a good book. the cover is noir and really interesting, and it is well designed and appealing to look at. When I started it, though, it seemed a little bit slower than I would have liked and didn't really catch my attention. All in all, I won't be continuing this one, but it does seem like a book many people will like and it did get a 4 out of 4 rating from OBC!

First Ten review added 4 days ago by James Craft.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Vermont Reviews

I thought today's bookof the day A Touch oof Homicide by author Peter S. Fischer who is famous for Murder She Wrote and Colombo was a great preview.

At this time my reading schedule is overbooked. I will not be downloading the book. I like the characters of Joe Bernardino and Avery Sterling. Murder mysteries are one of my favorite genre's.

I would have bought the book based on the
Vermont Reviews

First Ten review added 4 days ago by Vermont Reviews.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The sample was interesting and suspenseful but it was not enough to convince me to finish the book. The pace of the story was slow at some points, but there is enough tension to lure you back into the story. There were no major grammatical errors.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by ZenaLei7.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I like the cover of this book and think it's unique enough to catch attention. The OBC review describes the book as a cozy mystery that focuses on old Hollywood. These aren't things I would normally be very interested in and I'd probably pass the book up. I found the first ten pages, particularly the prologue, hard to follow with the description of so many different characters. The way the book is written with long, run-on sentences also interrupted the reading flow for me. Ultimately I was not a fan of the writing style and I found my mind wandering while trying to make sense of the long sentences. I will not read the rest of this book.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by ashley_claire.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I like the cover of the book, it's very fitting for a crime and mystery story. Although I love the genre, I don't think I would read this, especially after reading the online book club review. I like these stories to have a lot of action, depth, and layers. This books sounds like it's a more "fluff" cozy mystery which I usually don't find appealing. After reading the first ten pages, I don't think I will read the rest for this reason.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by CrescentMoon.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The cover and title instantly sparked my curiosity. However after reading the sample and OBC review, I have determined that this book is not for me. The sample didn't interest me and fell kind of flat. The OBC review, although well-written, did not change my perspective. Therefore, I am going to pass on this one.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by Kdonegan91.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Based off of the cover alone, I would not buy this book. It does not draw me in with the artwork and the title is interesting but not something I would typically read. This is part of a series so I felt like there were facts that I should already know when I read the first ten pages. This made it really difficult to get into the story. I think the story is well written and for those who like this genre, this is most definitely a great read. However, this is not really something I would like.

First Ten review added 4 days ago by kstockard.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The title and the cover were both very interesting. I probably would have looked into it from those two alone. The description also would have prompted me to read more of this book.
Honestly, I might read more of this book if I ever find myself in the mood for a whodunnit. I don't know that I definitely would, simply because I have a lot of other books I would rather read first, and this isn't a genre I typically read, but I could see myself reading this book.
This book did appear professionally edited to me.
I really enjoyed reading the references and the real-world places, and the characters were enjoyable. I also enjoyed reading the description, and reaction to, the terrible movie in the beginning. I think the style was a bit stiff and formal at times, but I appreciated that it was consistent, so this was clearly a stylistic choice. Honestly, there's not very much I see here that I could recommend improving. I like the character's voice and internal dialogue as well as the descriptions.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by Bfrisco.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I liked the author's conversational writing style in the sample although the Amazon summary made me think the plot would be too busy. The beginning pages are well-written and edited well. However, I am not wild about the fact that the book is the 12th in a series, since I like starting a series with the 1st book. Still, the sample whet my appetite so I am interested in reading further.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by bookowlie.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


This novel is perfect for those lazy afternoons where readers want to indulge in an easy flowing murder mystery. It reminds me of the old-style murder mysteries where several characters are under the radar of suspicion and there are confusing clues pointing to different characters. There is the usual mix of gossip, secret and scandals, which is obvious seeing the book was set in Hollywood in the late 1950's. The narration is entertaining and slightly humorous, enough to keep the reader engrossed till the end, to find out who the murderer is. Gauging from what is mentioned above, it is evident that this book is not an adrenaline-charged crime thriller, but that does not lessen its appeal in any way. Even without reading the sample, the description and the official review were enough to pique my interest, and take a chance on this one.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by ananya92.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


When I see Hollywood, I tend to turn the other way, and the fact that this is Book 12 definitely didn't help my initial enthusiasm level. However, the OBC review assured me that the book could be read without any of the previous books in the series. As I read the first 10 pages, it seemed that the reviewer was correct, but I still wasn't too impressed. The narrator seemed very cynical, and it was an unappealing introduction.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by L_Therese.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would have been drawn to this book by the cover design and the title. They do a great job of capturing the setting for the novel, which sounds like a fun read. The blurb really seals the deal, though. For anyone who's a fan of this era, dropping the name Orson Welles is a guarantee.

That said, I simply ate up the first ten pages. Welles' name doesn't even come up, but the period names that get mentioned - plus the real-sounding names of the fictional characters - are irresistible. I enjoy Joe's mental banter and his description of his business partner.

I'm not sure this is a criticism or not... I guess it is. In the prologue, some of Joe's running commentary on the film, albeit hilarious, is confusing. The two that really stand out are the commentary on one film character's abortion and a homosexual relationship between two others. I simply canNOT imagine these topics being mentioned in a film of this type in this period. I was left to assume that Joe was (mentally) mocking the film, but it was kind of a big assumption. If that was the case, I think the author would have been pretty safe in making it a *little* more obvious (or even, a lot).

I noticed no typographical or editorial errors.

Overall, I am intrigued by this book. I did not purchase it, for the simple reason that I have a huge reading list right now. But it is in my Amazon wish list, and has gone on my next vacation reading list.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by SandraTWP-BRW.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Without this program, I would not have sampled this read. Though the title and cover are interesting and eye-appealing, I have never really been able to enjoy a whodunit or cozy mystery as of right now. The blurb is a bit appealing, but this just doesn't seem like a read for me.

Based on what I read, the book does seem to be professionally edited. So far into the read, the protagonist seems to be likable, which is always a positive aspect for me. However, I'm not sure if I like the writing style in this piece; it doesn't really grab me right from the beginning. Therefore, I do not plan on purchasing and finishing this book.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by hsimone.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


Had I not sampled the book, I would not have read it. I usually read romance or comedy books. Having read the sample, my opinion remains. I liked the author's writing style and found the sample easy to read. However, I thought that many characters were introduced in the first few pages. The book seems to be professionally edited. It has a favorable Onlinebookclub review. Since I do not usually read the genre, I do not think I will read this book further.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by AA1495.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I read the review and thought this sounded like an intriguing mystery. I enjoy suspense novels. After reading the first few pages, I just couldnt get into the story. I'll have to pass on this one st this time.

First Ten review added 3 days ago by Momlovesbooks.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


The cover and title of the book didn't interest me at all. After reading the OBC review, I wasn't too excited to sample mainly because of the setting and the genre. I'm not too fond of old Hollywood and the mystery aspect. After sampling my opinion held true, I won't be finishing the book. It's slow and a bit boring to me, but there weren't any errors.

First Ten review added 2 days ago by Cjgarland89.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I love the cover. I think it fits the book perfectly. I didn't notice any errors, and the writing felt authentic to the time in which it's set. It's also entertaining.
The blurb was well written (not too little, not too much), and very intriguing. If I read more mystery this would probably on my list, but it's just not my genre, so I don't intend to read this.

First Ten review added 2 days ago by Gravy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


If I had not read the sample, I would not have read the book. It did not sound like something I typically would read. After reading the sample, I have not changed my mind. The writing style did not seem like my cup of tea and I found that I quickly lost focus when there were huge chunks of text in the beginning. I did not read an official review. The sample seemed professionally edited.

First Ten review added 2 days ago by psychopathycathy.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would have sampled this book based on the title, genre, cover and OBC review. I like murder mysteries. After reading the first ten pages, I will not be buying this book. I couldn't really get into it even though it's the type of content I usually enjoy. A lot of the sentences were kind of lengthy for my taste. It just wasn't the right style for me. It did seem to be professionally edited, it just wasn't my type of book.

First Ten review added 2 days ago by anneloretrujillo.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No


I would've definitely checked this one out based solely on who the author is! I'm also very happy I did - there's some fantastic humor in this one so far and I could 100% see the awful movie spoken of in the beginning being real... wit + great writing + mystery definitely = I'll be reading this one!

First Ten review added 2 days ago by CataclysmicKnight.
Do you plan to read the whole book? Yes!


I'm not sure if I would like to read this because this type of mystery doesn't seem to be my liking. It seems like it's missing something. I am not going to be reading this book because recently, I have not been enjoying mystery that much. The plot is also not what really drags me into the book. It seems professionally edited. I did not see a review, and I don't think it would affect my decision.

First Ten review added 2 days ago by jungkookblog.
Do you plan to read the whole book? No

Total ~ 17%

This book earned a score of 17%.

In other words, out of the top-level reviewers who read at least the first 10 pages of this book, 17% plan to read the whole book.

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